Season 2012

The season that was.

2012 Member Survey

Summary of findings 

32 Members responded and completed the survey.

Observations and Trends

Generally those who responded thought the best thing about the 2012 Season was the club culture, spirit and social atmosphere.

What people would like to see improved was focused strongly on training, most commonly associated with the venue, space and time for the various squads. More club-based social events was also mentioned a few times.

People agreed that they were satisfied with the level of coaching received in 2012, with a number of observations about congestion at trainings due to numbers and court space, and the difficulty of keeping the level of focus for the Div players when training with League and Reserve squads.

Respondents agreed that the training venue was average, with not unexpected comments about the floor and the lack of space around the court perimeter. A number of people moderated their score on the quality of the Cosgrove facilities against the low price the club pays for its use.

However, people generally agreed that the competition venue was good, with the main downfall being parking (especially when raining), and the shortfalls of the smaller court 5.

Methods of contact varied, but SMS and Facebook came up regularly, with the occasional ‘email’ or ‘spoken’ update also mentioned.

A lot of people were interested in getting more involved in activities like the find-raising BBQs and club-based social events.

Committee Review

The challenge for the Committee for the 2013 season is to try to maintain the positive elements that support club and team culture, and coaching quality, whilst trying to mitigate some of the more problematic areas for members (like the training spaces and times) without blowing out costs – and therefore membership fees.

We have a large and committed group on the Committee this year, and some actions are already in place to address many of the above items. Fund raising will certainly help keep costs under control, as will any sponsorship or grants we are able to access. We will need all members to help in these areas, and will be calling on you at various times to assist.

Don’t forget – if any member has any new or creative ideas about how to improve such things, please contact a committee member and share it with us

2012 Austral Phoenix Coaching Team

See below for information on the coaches that will be leading our teams through an exciting and hopefully successful year in the South Australian State League Competition.

Phoenix Coaching Team
Women’s Coaching Team
Men’s Coaching Team
Head Coach Anne-Marie McAinsh Head Coach Simon Phillips
League Reserve Coach Peter Bawhey League Reserve Coach Fraser Smith
Division 1 Coach Katherine Garnham Division 1 Coach Gus Marr
Division 1 Coach Jed Flavel Junior Boy’s Coach Anne-Marie McAinsh

State League Results and Premiership Ladder

Congratulations to all players, coaches, assistants, parents and fans that helped the Austral Phoenix teams through the 2012 season. Below is a summary of the final standings for all our Junior and Senior teams.


Final Standing

League Women


League Reserve Women


Divisional Women (Purple)


Divisional Women (White)


League Men


Reserves Men


Divisional Men


Under 19 Boys – Div 2


Under 19 Boys – Div 3


Under 19 Girls – Div 2


Under   19 Girls – Div 5


Below is a picture of the Under 19 Boys (Div 2) Premiers and their coach, Anne-Marie McAinsh. Big congratulations guys.

Junior Boys 1 Permiers & coach

Junior Boys 1 Permiers & coach

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