The first trial will take place on Sunday 21st of February with times for each age group listed below:

U15 Boys and Girls 12:30-2:00
U17 Boys and Girls 2:00-3:30
SLJ + U19 Boys and Girls 3:30-5:00

Trialling players should arrive 15 minutes before the start time of their trial and are encouraged to attend at least one of the three trials in their age group. We look forward to seeing you on the court soon!



Junior League Coaches Report

State League Junior Girls: Our highest girls State League Juniors team was always going to be stretched this season with stepping up to the highest U19 division. We set out this year to stretch some of our strongest players through leadership and broadening their roles and they are really stepping up. Our setters continue to understand what they need to do to drive the team offence, we have a couple of very strong servers and our younger players have done a great job in covering absences by stepping into starting six positions about a year before they ideally should be challenged at this level.

With our strongest players all present, fit and firing our team is competitive with the best teams in the division, however playing with consistency AND keeping this team on court has been a challenge. When we can address this, we will get the wins that the girls deserve. At the break we have only one win posted but at least two other games that we really should have won so we need to take this next step over the second half of the season.

Anne-Marie McAinsh – State League Junior Girls Coach

State League Junior Boys: showing a great deal of potential, winning their first and last games so far, and taking sets off and pushing the best of opponents. The team is learning the value of consistent serving to targets, and for a comparatively young side have shown they can play disciplined and intelligent volleyball when focused.

Craig McAinsh – State League Junior Boys Coach


Coach’s Report – U/15 Junior Girls

Half way through the season sees the U15 girls sitting fourth on the ladder after the spilt of the competition into two divisions. This bunch of young and enthusiastic girls have improved in leaps and bounds. At the start of the season it was exciting when the ball just over the net, but now this great bunch of young kids are playing good quality 3 touch volleyball. Our main strength in the team is our serving, provided we don’t foot fault, with several players having great runs on serve. Thankfully I’ve only had to shell out for one ice-cream for 10 serves in a row – but multiple times my wallet has been close to taking a big hit. The majority of girls played together in the summer season, but with introduction of 2 new players the team is showing great signs for a promising Posted on push towards the final series.

Lexi Schwarz – Coach U/15 Junior Girls