Reserves Women Mid-season Captain’s update

As a team we’re developing really well, considering how the team has changed quite dramatically with players leaving due to work and pregnancies. However, the team has been supplemented by 3 players who have come up from division 1 – phoebe, lizzie and Nat. These girls are performing extremely well and fit perfectly within the team! Thus far, The Reserve women have won 2 out of 6 games – the games that we won were convincing 3-0 wins against Adelaide university and Northern Knights. However, In the games that we have lost, we didn’t go down without a fight – ensuring that we always took at least one (if not two) sets off the opposition. The highlight for me this season occurred in round 6 – where our Libero, Alicia, had to step in as a middle due to many players being out for exams. She was incredible – managed at least 4 winning blocks and equal number of winning hits. Now that the team is settled, I am thoroughly looking forward to being competitive in the second half of the season and taking more wins and continuing to improve our skills and mental focus at trainings – which we can apply to game day!

Harriet Berman – Reserve Women’s Captain 2015