League Women’s mid-season Captain’s Report

After 12 weeks of extremely hard work and preparation in pre-season training, the league women have achieved what is perhaps their strongest start to a state league season with 4 straight wins over 4 very competitive clubs placing us top of the ladder and in a very dominant position. Although distractions through injury, illness and Australian National Team commitments have contributed to some disappointing losses over the last 2 weeks, coming off the back of a runner’s up result in both 2014 state league season and again in the highly competitive Warnambool Seaside Tournament, the girls have continued to aggressively tackle trainings and games with very high expectations and newfound confidence in their playing abilities and cohesiveness as a team. New coach Simon Phillips has been instrumental in developing both tactical and skilled aspects of the game play, as well as exposing and emphasising the already present defensive and blocking strengths of the team which I believe are currently the best in the women’s state league competition. 

The 2015 season has seen some welcome new additions to the team with Lauren Crago training in a challenging role as second setter, Laura Coat and State League Reserves 2014 ‘Best and Fairest’ Harriet Berman filling the big (size 12 ladies) shoes of Australian National middle player Beth Carey, and Tess Morcom returning to reserve pass/hitter and opposite role after a long hiatus from volleyball. League women’s setter Karola Laventure also changed scenery to the back of the court as libero and has strengthened the defensive dominance of the team. These players have seamlessly transitioned into their positions in the league squad with a strong core group of senior girls who have played together as a cohesive unit for as long as ten years, yet continue to positively influence and challenge each other to play stronger, harder, and better. As a long standing league women’s player and 2015 captain, I am extremely honoured and proud to lead this passionate group of girls into the next half of the season. If we continue to embrace each match and training session with renewed confidence and enthusiasm, and show an aggressive mind-set to our opponents, I have absolute and complete confidence that we will achieve the ultimate goal…a 2015 State League Women’s Gold Medal!

Hannah Berman, 2015 League Women’s Captain