The Div 1 Women’s mid-season captain’s update

I spoke with Austral Volleyball’s Div 1. Women’s Captain, Lizzie Rogers to see how they have been going so far this year. ” I’m really happy with the way the div girls team has progressed this year. we never have a quick three set game, which I guess is a good sign of being at a good competitive level with the other teams. The team has bonded well since pre season, it’s good to see fresh faces to Austral as well as a few juniors joining the Senior ranks, adapting to the way the club works and the different level of volleyball. The different skill level of players in the Women’s Div 1. Team has been a challenge, and although we havent been able to walk away with many wins in the first half of the season, I think its partly due to a new team learning how to play together, and think we’ll have a better chance rematching against some of the teams later in the year. Our team stuggled with the passing system at the beginning of the year, but I think this has been a big area of improvement, which is credit to the work of coaches and senior team members. Our goals for the rest of the season are for the team to continue to become more cohesive and consistent, which I feel will be the difference between a win or loss in many of the close 5 set matches we’ve played so far.”