A report from the Austral Men’s Squad Captain

The 2015 season for the men started with the appointment of new coaches, Peter Bawhey taking on League and Reserves, and Thomas Rogers with the Div 1 Men, which has resulted in a newfound attitude and renewed enthusiasm. The league men’s team hasn’t changed much from previous season, with the exception of Elliot King coming into the starting line-up, but from the outside they seem like a new team. Perhaps it’s a case of a regimented routine bearing results or maybe the once “young” team has matured into a strong and aggressive beast? Whatever the case may be, our premier men’s team has achieved one of the best starts the season that the team has seen in a number of years – sitting 3rd on the table after round 4.

In contrast to the league team, the reserves team has changed quite significantly but yet boasting a similar result – sitting at 4th spot. A number of players have been elevated from last year’s Div 1 team, and even Greg Darani coming from our junior program, to fill the spots of players whom have move up to the league team or moved on to different clubs. The reserves competition looks to be quite an even competition this year with our lads being right in the mix!

The Div 1 team looks significantly different to last year with a number of new players being added to the roster as well as a returning senior member of the Austral Volleyball club. The lads have only won 1 game out of the 4 played but that’s no reflection of their efforts or attitude and should see them put a few more wins on the board. This year has felt different to last the last few – there seems to be a hunger & positivity amongst the entire squad which we all hope will breed a winning culture.

Brandon Rogowski (aka Father Purple) Men’s Squad Captain