Club Merchandise

For Playing Uniform orders please first check your preferred number is available (with coach) before starting your order

When you are ready to place your order and pay online, click HERE

For delivery in time for winter season the pre-season order cut-off is 5th MARCH 2018 

All other orders after the club pre-season order will be placed in bulk in the last week of each month and may take up to 4-5 weeks to receive.

Austral Training Shirt


austral cap


Unisex Hoodies – Light Grey or Dark Grey


 Socks – not currently available

Ankle length $ 8.50

Short length $ 10

Long length $ 12.50


Men’s & Women’s Playing Tops (Purple & White)

$ 45



Men’s/Boy’s Playing Shorts



Zipped Jackets with hood – Purple/


Polo Tops – not currently available


The stock shown below is not able to be ordered. These are old (and in some cases second hand) stock items and able to be bought only if  stock remains at Cosgrove Hall.

Older Uniform 4

Shirt – yellow/orange with purple, white and black stripe, black number

$ 20


Older Uniform 5

Shirt – Black & yellow with White number (polyester)

$ 15


Old uniform 12

Shirt – Black with thick yellow, black, white and purple stripe, white number

$ 20


Old uniform 13

Short capped sleeve – Black with thin yellow, black, white and purple stripe, white number



Older Uniform 6

Shirt – a yellow/orange with purple panel and Volleyball logo



Older Uniform 7

Shirt – Black with purple panel and yellow number, volleyball logo



Older Uniform 8

Sleeveless Shirt- Black with purple panel and yellow number, volleyball logo



old uniform 14

Long Sleeved – Black with white and yellow panel



Older Uniform 9

Shirt – yellow with black numner  with logo (cotton)



old uniform 15

Shirt – yellow and black number with logo (cotton)



Older Uniform 10

Long sleeved shirt – yellow with purple stripes



old uniform 16

Shorts – Black



Contact our merchandise co-ordinator at to enquire on buying old stock.