Meet The President

Jahan Emery

Club President


From the moment I joined the Austral Volleyball Club I have enjoyed the club atmosphere as a great place to be. The friendships I have made as well as the great improvements in my own game made my time here rewarding. I was honoured to become the State League Men’s captain and am humbled further by my election to President and will do my best along with the committee to take our club even further forward! As we enter our 45th year as Austral Volleyball Club, (the second oldest League Club in SA),   we will be working to find new and exciting ways to make being a member of Austral as rewarding as possible…both on and off the court.  I strongly urge everyone to get on board and become an active part in what promises to be a very exciting chapter in Austral’s history, and make myself available for any enquiries about membership or sponsorship.