Meet The President

Adam Harris

Club President

Mobile: 0412 853 856

Somewhere between 30 and death (hopefully a little closer to 30).  I have been part of the volleyball community since birth and am the eldest son of the fabled Ray Harris, founder of Austral Volleyball Club.  I first represented Austral on court in 1989 as a junior before pursuing a playing career at a rival club, returning in 2007 to coach the league men.  Since 2007 I have been a member of the committee at Austral and in that time have seen much improvement and many new faces.  I look forward to the upcoming year as we strive to find new and exciting ways to make being a member of Austral as rewarding as possible…both on and off the court.  I strongly urge everyone to get on board and become an active part in what promises to be a very exciting chapter in Austral’s history, and make myself available for any enquiries about membership or sponsorship.